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A Feature Rich, Easy to Use, Free and Open Source Biobanking Software (LIMS)


OpenSpecimen (formerly known as caTissue Plus) is a Free & Open Source biobank/biospecimen management software. The core of OpenSpecimen is that “biospecimens without high quality data is of no value”. OpenSpecimen is used across the globe in some of the most respected biobanks of various sizes and diseases. OpenSpecimen streamlines management of biospecimens across collection, consent, QC, request and distribution. Finally, OpenSpecimen is highly configurable and customizable. E.g., adding a custom field or form can be done in minutes by a non-IT person.
Krishagni actively develops newer versions of OpenSpecimen as well provides professional support. Support includes phone/email, data migration, customizations, integrations, training, and so forth.

20+ Biobanks Across the Globe use OpenSpecimen to manage their biospecimens



OpenSpecimen is feature rich, easy to use, and continuously improving. Explore the features by clicking on individual links below. Have questions or would you like to schedule an online demo? Feel free to email srikanth.adiga@krishagni.com. Learn More

Upgrade from NCI v1.2

OpenSpecimen has many new features, improved user interface and is much faster. Most importantly, like NCI caTissue, it is free and open source. Email us at srikanth.adiga@krishagni.com for any questions or to schedule a live demo. Learn More


System and Protocol based Dashboards

Configure a different dashboard for each Collection Protocol, as well as a System Level dashboard for System Administrators.


Protocol Management Enhancements

Export / Import of the protocol across instances. Set user friendly title for Specimen Requirements. And many other usability enhancements.


Ordering and Distribution enhancements

Directly edit the quantity of the specimens being distributed. Verifying the consents takes very less clicks. Page loads much faster.


Bulk Operation enhancements

Supports for Dynamic Extensions data. Many other usability enhancements making data migration much easier than earlier.


Advance query folders

Much faster and greatly simplified. Organize Saved Queries in "Folders" making it very easy to find queries. Import / Export Queries.


Specimen Lists - Shopping cart

Short list specimens of interest into a "Specimen List". Save the list for future use. Share with other users / collaborators.


Statistical Reports with Scheduler

Create custom statistical reports. Schedule it to run at regular frequency, e.g. monthly, quarterly, etc.



Easy pre-existing plugins for connecting with other databases. OpenClinica, EPIC, Aperio, etc.

Professional Support Services from the Team that Built OpenSpecimen

Our team is involved with the OpenSpecimen product since 2005, and have an intimate understanding of the product, technology and the biobanking domain. Our goal is not to just help you in using OpenSpecimen. We work at a more fundamental level. We try to understand your expectations from a Biobanking LIMS and then work with you in achieving them using OpenSpecimen. Click here for more information on pricing and different support packages.


Get Trained by Experts

Save your time by getting Trained by Experts on how best to optimize the system for your local workflow and useful Tips and Tricks.


Remote Server Administration

Limited IT support at your center? We can remotely manage your OpenSpecimen servers, db backups, deployments, upgrades and so forth.


Time Bound Support with Guarantee

We commit to time bound and high quality support contractually governed by mutually agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


Be Part of our Community

Join us for Biweekly end users meet and Monthly Training webinar. Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter to get regular updates.


Legacy Data migration

Worried about your Existing Data. With experience in many data migrations, we will transform your data into OpenSpecimen format in no time.


Integration with other Databases

We can help you integrate OpenSpecimen with other clinical databases (e.g., i2b2, EPIC, EMPI), patient registry, imaging, pathology systems, label printers.


Customization and Feature Enhancement

We provide cost effective, high quality, and time bound development solutions. Learn "whats new" in OpenSpecimen.


Experienced Team

Involved in OpenSpecimen since 2005, our team is a rich mix of experience and expertise. Click here to view "Our Team" page here.