caTissue Professional Support Services

We at Krishagni believe that a support contract isn’t just about responding to direct problems. Its more about helping you to get the best out of your OpenSpecimen implementation.


One stop shop for All your OpenSpecimen needs



Get Trained by Experts

Save your time by getting Trained by Experts on how best to optimize the system for your local workflow and useful Tips and Tricks.


Legacy Data migration

Worried about your Existing Data. With experience in many data migrations, we will transform your data into OpenSpecimen format in no time.


Remote Server Administration

Limited IT support at your center? We can remotely manage your OpenSpecimen servers, db backups, deployments, upgrades and so forth.


Integration with other Databases

We can help you integrate OpenSpecimen with other clinical databases (e.g., i2b2, EPIC, EMPI), patient registry, imaging, pathology systems, label printers.


Time Bound Support with Guarantee

We commit to time bound and high quality support contractually governed by mutually agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs).


Customization and Feature Enhancement

We provide cost effective, high quality, and time bound development solutions. Learn "whats new" in OpenSpecimen.


Be Part of our Community

Join us for Biweekly end users meet and Monthly Training webinar. Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter to get regular updates.


Experienced Team

Involved in OpenSpecimen since 2005, our team is a rich mix of experience and expertise. Click here to view "Our Team" page here.


Subscription Packages


OpenSpecimen comes in two editions. 

The OpenSpecimen Community Edition is freely available and gives open source adopters the flexibility to:

  • Easily download, install, evaluate, and use the software at no cost
  • View and modify the source code
  • Attend Training Webinars and End Users Biweekly Call

The OpenSpecimen Enterprise Edition is same software as Community Edition with support and additional plugins free. It offers:

  • Professional-grade support and guarantees
  • Additional features and capabilities
  • Priority for bug fixes and enhancements
  • Security patches
  • Remote server administration

For more details, please email


Community Edition

Enterprise Edition


For small biobanks

Gold Hosting
Access to source code
Email/Phone support
SLA commitment
Credits* 50 200 N/A
Price Free USD 10,000 USD 20,000 Contact for Price
Developer Support
Named support staff
Response time 1 day 1 day 1 day

Remote server maintenance

Additional Content
Priority for bug fixes and new features
Biweekly End Users Webinar
Monthly Training Webinar
Access to videos and wiki tutorials
Path report
Mobile App 
Epic / Velos
Public DeId Data Portal
Statistical Reports
Configure dropdown  values


Notes about Credits

  • Every support ticket will cost minimally 0.5 credits.
  • End user questions over email or forums – Free of cost.
  • Community monthly webinars – Free of cost.
  • Dedicated training - 2 credits for one hour session taking into account the pre training preparations.
  • Looking into issues specific to client by accessing server - credits consumed based on time spent.
  • Enhancement or specific client tasks - credits consumed based on time spent.
  • Bugs  in the product introduced in Plus - will be scheduled in releases bases on priority and not charged to client  
  • Krishagni track support requests and credits consumed per ticket in Jira.
  • Krishagni will take client approval if a ticket is expected to consume more than 5 credits.